GOODCOM GT6000S POS Portable Handheld GPRS SMS Receipt Thermal Printer for Restaurant,Lottery,Mobile Top up Applications

GOODCOM GT6000S POS Portable Handheld GPRS SMS Receipt Thermal Printer for Restaurant,Lottery,Mobile Top up Applications


Product Description

Restaurant Application

The printer GT6000S is our hot & fast selling model.We have been working for the restaurant online food ordering for many tears,so we have developed different firmware to support http/https/pop3 protocols to receive orders online.

Email food orders printing

Firstly, give an email account, password, pop3 server ip, port to the printer with the tool provided;
Then send text/plain emails to the printer’s email account;
Next, the print rings and prints the email and the email will then be deleted from the inbox.

GT6000S to connect with webserver for orders printing.

It usually requires that there is a website which can establish the communication to our printer. On this website, it will require to offer the IP address, port, your setted order file path, call back path,etc. to our printer, so that printer can connect to your site succesfully.

The printer can also send back to the sender/ server the confirmation about accepting the order (with expected delivery time) or rejecting the order (with rejected reasons).

GT6000S for SMS orders printing.

First customer places their order via mobile phone
And Restaurant acknowledges/prints order and specifies optional delivery time.
Finally Customer receives message acknowledgement of order and expected delivery time. 

Other Applications

Application of customized lottery.

This lottery application can not only be used for lottery sale, but can also print lottery voucher for customer and for user’s record. After the customer finished the play, it sends data to a centre server, and if server reply back successful message, the printer prints lottery voucher.

Working flow, lottery type, play type, amount, etc., can all be customized as what u required

Application of mobile top up(example by USSD).

This application is allowing user to recharge money intending to add up airtime to mobile SIM card. This top up machine provides user-friendly operating steps to reload mobile credit easily over GSM network via GPRS ,USSD codes (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data).
The printer is perfect for the person pay-to-refill money to mobile phone by offering a quick and easy access to GSM platform leading to buy airtime more efficiently through the top up machine.
The GSM provider auto short SMS report to user’s mobile to ensure the recharging has been done successfully.
PLS NOTE: USSD(Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service provider’s computers.USSD can be used for mobile-money services.

Other mobile top up application by GPRS or SMS is customizable!!!

Application of bus ticketing.

The bus ticketing application now it’s widely used in many areas,such as Africa,south Africa etc.We provide the bus ticket format DIY tool,and customizable work flow.

Example work flow for bus ticketing.

1)the printer should connect with server via WIFI or GPRS by setting the ip address,port,url etc.
2)Bus No,Route,Price etc can be sent to the printer via server.
3)Conductor choose the start/end station,bus ticket will print out automatically,then printer will send a callback to the server.

1)Administrator download the route to the printer before the trip.
2)Comductor choose the start/end station and enter the ticket price,ticket print out automatically.
3)After finished the trip,all transaction records can be uploaded to the computer via a special tool.

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Our Company

Company Profile.

1)Established in 2002, our company have been working with customers globally and keep growing, esp.American countries, European & African countries.
2)We are specialized in the GPRS&SMS&WIFI Printer,WIFI&LAN&3G Printer,GPRS&SMS Printer,Mini Bluetooth Printer, the 8th-year golden supplier on Alibaba, a global famous platform.
3)High quality products & best after sell service & fast techinical support and delivery

Packing & Delivery

Packing: 1 piece to a box, 10 boxes to a carton.
Date of Shipment: within 3 days after payment arrives for sample; within 1 week after payment arrives for bulk orders.
Deliery: without special requests the shipment will be made via express, which arrives within 1 week normally.
Payment terms: TT; Money Gram; Western Union; Aliexpress.


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